Masataka Mori was born in 1932, in Kyushu, located in southwest Japan. In 1950, he enrolled at Takushoku University. Mr. Mori joined the university's karate club, eventually becoming team captain. Graduating in 1955, Masataka Mori then joined the JKA, beginning his career as a karate instructor. In 1963, he travelled to Hawaii, becoming Chief Instructor of the Karate Association of Hawaii (KAH). Five years later, Sensei Mori travelled to New York and became the North Atlantic regional chief instructor of the JKA. Although Sensei Mori's dojo is located in New York (JKA of New York), he often travels abroad, acting as tournament arbitrator or judge, or teaching at various seminars.
   Master Mori is a very modest man, embodying the true spirit of humility as taught by Gichin Funakoshi. He enjoys teaching children and he is well known for having "a good eye" at catching mistakes. Many an advanced black belt has felt the sting of a shinai for a mistake made in basic technique. With Master Mori, proper manners always come first. He insists on true basics and big techniques. He considers good spirit and social values to be of greater importance than fighting techniques. Master Mori is now ranked as 9th Dan, an incredibly high rank possessed by very few. Presently, he is Chairman & Chief Instructor of Shotokan Karate-Do International and is still one of the most revered karate instructors in the world today.

Master Masataka Mori
Chairman of Shotokan
Karate-Do International